Oran Hill: Troubled by candidate's lawsuit

July 29, 2011 10:41:00 AM



I noticed that Mr. Lynn Wright tried to vindicate himself in a letter to The Dispatch in May where he was "explaining" his reasons for his dismissal as principal of New Hope High last year. I read where he is actually suing the Lowndes County School District. How can he be an effective superintendent if he is suing his Board? The board has to approve his budgets and recommendations and I can''t imagine the unrest it would bring to Lowndes County Schools for this to be the agenda every time the board meets. How can they support his recommendations when he is suing them? This is too much of a distraction when the focus needs to be on the education of the children of Lowndes County.  


He''s got a lawsuit against our school district and he wants to be elected as the chief executive officer? I don''t think so. We have several very qualified candidates. If Mr. Wright wants to be one of them he needs to ... drop the lawsuit against the very school district he wants to supervise. Mr. Wright, put up or shut up.