Rick McGill: Negative campaigning

August 9, 2011 12:46:00 PM



I received a copy of a widespread e-mail that was sent out Thursday, Aug. 4th. The sender was a Lynn Wright supporter. In the text of the e-mail, there some crass remarks made towards my wife''s campaign but nothing that I couldn''t normally shake off. Let me say here, I don''t think Mr. Wright knew about this e-mail. However, there was on paragraph that said to be aware of an upcoming smear campaign against Mr. Wright coming from the McGill campaign. There is nothing further from the truth. 


My wife has run a campaign based solely on what has been accomplished by the school district through the hard work of the great teachers and administrators in the five years she has been assistant superintendent. She has not said one thing negative towards Mr. Wright. 


As a matter of fact, Mr. Wright and I spoke Thursday night at the 12-Man Supper Club and I told him then that many people had told us that we should get down and dirty. I told them and I told him that''s not going to happen. We both agreed when she decided to run, to run a positive effort and if that message got across and she won, fine and, if it didn''t, fine. We know how we feel about negative talk and negative ads and we didn''t want to subject the people of Lowndes County to such. 


The down-to-earth facts are these: You shouldn''t vote for Mr. Wright just because you think he was wronged. And you shouldn''t vote for Edna just to vote against Mr. Wright. You should vote for the person you feel will lead the children of this area into the future with the best education possible.