David Creel: Bringing back an old favorite

August 13, 2011 8:41:00 PM

David Creel -


Mousse is making a comeback! Yes, folks you read it correctly. My first introduction to this whipped concoction was way back in high school when I would pump handfuls of it into the hairdos of my girlfriends before going out to a ballgame. Whether it was Dottie, Renee or Misty, one thing was essential -- mousse, and lots of it, to keep the bangs high and the curls waving.  


Nowadays that 8-ounce bottle might appear different, but in so many ways it''s still the same. It''s weightless, which means it will not make the hair heavy, and that''s one reason women love it so much.  


Fine, limp locks adore mousse for its ability to defy gravity and plump up the volume. Another thing that has not changed is the way it can transform frizzy waves into bouncy, vivacious waves with just a bit of coaxing and perhaps some tips. After all, if it could keep Dottie''s spiral perm in the ''80s in check, it must be good stuff, right? 


We abandoned mousse a few years ago for the rumors of drying effects from alcohol which is a key ingredient; however, the news gets better. The alcohol evaporates so quickly into the air once dispensed into the palm of your hands that it does not wreak havoc on blondes, brunettes or reds at all. So, once we put those myths away, we can once again welcome that old familiar favorite into our lives.  


When using mousse, remember to squeeze a small amount into the palm of your hand, rub the hands together, and let the warmth of your own skin emulsify the product and evenly distribute it through those gorgeous locks. It can be used for many purposes, and I love a styling tool that is versatile. It''s great when used on dry hair to bring waves back into focus.  


For those with a bit of natural wave, after blow-dry styling completely work the mousse through the lengths of the hair, scrunching as you go. Pretend you are crumpling up a piece of paper and, yes, you can believe your eyes -- instant waves.  


If it''s thicker, fuller hair you covet, then apply a mousse specifically to any problem area, for example the crown or bangs when damp, and just add heat for hair that stands up for all the right reasons.  


Mousse, it''s a girl''s new best friend.

Former Columbus resident David Creel owns Beautiful With David salon in Jackson and has 20 years experience in the beauty industry. Contact him at [email protected]