Helen Danner: Appreciates assistance

August 19, 2011 1:03:00 PM



I would like to recognize some people at the Sunflower on 182, as I had bought groceries and I came out and, my car would not start so, I went back in the store to see about getting help and what I want to bring out is, I have never seen such courteous and caring people. One young man, Cody Daniels, took his lunch hour to bring me home and he helped me get my groceries in the house. I must say you can''t find any nicer people than those at Sunflower 182. And, I appreciate everything, I also want to recognize the three black gentlemen who took time to see if they could be of help, thank you. 


I want to take this open letter to thank everyone. Columbus does have some great people. 


Helen Danner 


Ethelsville, Ala.