Carl Lee: Appreciating grandparents

August 20, 2011 11:28:00 PM



We live increasingly in a consumer society which discards yesterday''s belongings for today''s new-fangled product. However, there are some things which I believe are as close to eternal as we can get here on earth. Grandparents are one of the eternal joys of life. As a child growing up in Columbus, we were blessed with the love, compassion, discipline and instruction of our grandmothers. 


Notably and with rare exception, many of us had grandmothers as a significant part of our upbringing or "raising" if you will. My siblings and friends, such as Leslie Frazier and Eddie "Jackie" Davis and their siblings and cousins were all fortunate enough to have had our grandmothers as significant teachers, guardians, and role models. Moreover, Ms. Annie Mae Anthony, Ms. Ozella "Queen" Frazier, and Ms. Alma Brown not only raised their grandchildren, but these ladies were friends as well. 


Clearly, their influence on their grandchildren lives was simple yet profound and filled with the unique love which perhaps only a grandparent can give. So let us remember to honor our grandparents'' memory by sharing their legacy with others and modeling their contributions in our lives. 


The abstract qualities and values which they lived their lives by seem to be in decreasing supply in our throwaway society. We ought to remind ourselves of the importance of preserving the lessons which they taught us and pass them on. 


We celebrate grandparents for the love they give us to share and to pass on today and in the future. So it is with warm and heartfelt thanks which we salute Annie Mae Anthony, Ozella "Queen" Frazier, Alma Brown and all grandparents today. 


Carl Lee