Billy Williams: Supports Harris for sheriff

August 20, 2011 11:30:00 PM



Mike Arledge is a good man. I campaigned for him when he was going for the justice court judge seat when he ran, and, I feel he would serve well as Lowndes County Sheriff. As for Bo Harris--he is a good man too. 


He served as game warden or conservation officer for 14-15 years. Bo Harris has "probably" walked every square mile of Lowndes County and has waded or boated every stream, lake or river in these parts. 


He knows every road, street and trail around here. Both men are well qualified for the sheriff position, excuse me, the job. We are hiring one of them to do a job. 


Sheriffing isn''t all about sitting behind a desk. If you, I, or a child were lost, stranded, or needing someone with experience in the field to find us or help us, I would say Bo Harris is the man. 


His campaign is "Your 24/7 Hands on Personal Sheriff." I believe that and I believe he will do the right thing. Heck, I know he will. He wrote me and my fishing partner a ticket one time and he did the right thing. 


If I were a hardened criminal, I wouldn''t want Bo Harris after me. 


My support goes for Bo Harris. 


Billy Jerrell Williams