Wesley Duncan: Thinks Williams should be downplayed

September 8, 2011 12:13:00 PM



I am a daily reader of The Dispatch. I am a Starkville native as well. For years, I have heard about Columbus being the birthplace of Tennessee Williams. I have never drawn an interest to finding out who he was until recently when I saw your frontpage headline with his picture. 


I was appalled when I read a biography on this man. From what I gathered, he was a homosexual who died from choking on a bottle cap while trying to get his next high from pills. Why does this city dedicate so much publicity to this man as if we should be proud of this being his home. This is the Bible belt where morals still exist. In my opinion, Tennessee Williams is nothing to be proud of. Although his work was great for a period of time, let''s leave it at that. I''m sure we could find someone else more suitable to put on our front headline in the future.