John Dorroh: Scrapbooking, bistro dining in downtown Columbus

May 6, 2009

John Dorroh - [email protected]


As it is shaping up, the debit/bank card is one of the handiest inventions ever. I seldom write a check anymore. However, it would be equally helpful to have yet another invention that would record each transaction in my ledger.   


There was a time when relying on my memory worked well, but now at the end of each day, I can''t recall what I had for lunch, let alone those three transactions that I made with my bank card. 


With all of the information overload that many of us face, memories need to be managed. Thankfully, there are people like Julie Kauffman who are in the memory-preserving business. 




Scrapbooking gone wild 


I met with Kauffman to see what the buzz was about with Paper Daisy at 417 Main St. Truthfully, I had only an inkling of an idea of what goes on inside. 


Kauffman moved from the Brickerton area about a month ago and has noticed that the walk-in traffic downtown is nothing to ignore. 


"I''ve been scrapbooking about 10 years," she said. "I bought the business two years ago and decided to move downtown." 


Kauffman is a Texas native who moved here when her husband got a job at Paccar. 


She has a degree is history with an emphasis in preservation. 


"I got my degree from Middle Tennessee State University," she said, "and I did some postgraduate work in Texas. I taught preschool, too, and have been a paralegal. That''s what I was doing when I met my husband." 


Kauffman plans eventually to turn the back of her shop into a digital photography center. 


"I have to learn the software first," she said. 


Kauffman, reminded me that there are huge scrapbooking conventions in Arlington, Texas; Atlanta; and three other cities. The one in Arlington, for instance, is called the great American Scrapbook Convention. Thousands -- men and women -- attend. 


"You can enroll in workshops of all kinds and learn how to conduct ''crops,'' which are more about socializing as much as learning about scrapbooking," she said. 


"In a crop, everyone brings their materials and works together to complete specific projects." 


"My last crop here at the shop was full, and that''s a great thing," Kauffman. Needless to say, she feels the need to expand. 


"This summer we will have several programs for children," she said. "We do children''s parties where they make their own journals, door hangers, and monogram letters." 


All fees for the month of May, national scrapbooking month, have been waived. 


"Most workshops run from $12-$25, depending on the length and materials needed," she said. "We even have a breakfast crop." 


The one she hosted this past Saturday cost $21 and was a workshop, not a crop. 


It seems that scrapbooking has become a national hobby, beginning with several small stores which were bought out by larger companies such as Scrapbook Warehouse. Soon after that, the big companies went under, and now the little guys are coming back. 


"It''s a great hobby," said Sarah Childress from Tuscaloosa, Ala. "I have almost every aspect of my family''s history documented in one form of scrapbook or another," she said. "It''s great!" 


Paper Daisy has a Kid Zone, a place to "park" kids while their parent is browsing or making a purchase. I''ll bet that Kauffman will have something going on inside during Market Street. 


The hours are 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday, and 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Monday. The Web site is Check it out. 




Special event at Le Gourmet 


For several years now, Shannon Borcher and family at Le Gourmet Cheese and Gift Shoppe, Columbus'' specialty cheese shop, have been providing the Columbus area with cheeses from all over the world, along with truffles, teas, sauces, and other delectables. A few months ago, she expanded Le Gourmet to include La Dolce Vita, a cozy bistro for lunch. 


The fare includes salads -- spinberry chevre, shrimpacado, gorgonapple, chicken, caesar and chef. There are sandwiches such as French dip, Sunday salmon, and chicken salad. 


Perhaps you like paninis, soup, quiche, desserts and coffee. They have that, too. 


A special event in conjunction with Market Street will be held on Friday. This is a meal with two different flavors -- A Taste of Italy and a Taste of New Orleans. If you are interested in participating, check for availability soon, as seating is limited. You must be seated by 7 p.m. 


Reservations enable you to sit close to the Main Stage. Seated inside Le Gourmet within easy listening range, you can carry on dinner conversation if you like and have the music outside as background. 


The cost is $37.50 per person. BYOB. 


Le Gourmet has space available for renting, and they do catering as well. They are located at 513 Main St. in downtown Columbus. The number is 328-2021. 


John Dorroh is a semi-retired high school science teacher, who writes a business column for The Dispatch. E-mail John with your business news or column ideas at [email protected]

John Dorroh is a semi-retired high school science teacher, who writes a business column for The Dispatch.