Deborah Miller McGahee: Vets deserve better

November 11, 2011 12:53:00 PM



Oct. 20, 2010, at 3:53 a.m., my brother, Air Force veteran David C. Miller, was released from the Biloxi VA Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System emergency room. Two weeks before, he had extensive cardiovascular surgery at Keesler and was bleeding from the groin catheter site. After being checked, he asked not to be released. Very weak and sick, he was wheeled out and left alone to wait for a cab. When the cab driver arrived, he was lying on the ground and was like a "rag doll." He died shortly after from a heart attack in the back of the cab. 


If our president, a congressman or a general in that condition went to the VA ER at midnight alone, would they release him before calling his heart surgeon? Would they keep him for observation or would they wheel him out and leave him alone in the dark? Our veterans should receive the same attention and care. 


To those who are being paid to care for our veterans, please never forget the solemn responsibility you have before God. They all deserve your respect and compassion. 


Our veterans joined the military for little pay. Many fought for us on the front lines and many did not but were under great stress and possible danger. They all deserve their benefits and our respect. 


Many of our veterans are alone, sick and depressed. They have pride and usually won't fight for what they deserve. Many times, they are not given the time, patience and understanding they need. They won't speak up, but give up and walk away. 


Look out for your veteran. And the ones that are alone assist them, give them a ride to an appointment or just give them an ear to listen. Please speak up when you see they are not being treated the way they deserve. 


Deborah Miller McGahee 


Mobile, Ala.