Carl Lee: Thankful for our common values and virtues

November 23, 2011 7:24:00 PM



As we celebrate this Thanksgiving, let us embrace our common values and virtues. So often, we focus on how we're different. We have a common bond of the need to love and be loved, hopes for our families and children, aspirations to live in peace and comfort, and desires to find, embrace and share joy. Beyond the abstract qualities and values are many more real similarities we share which we can bring to the "table of brotherhood," place at the altar of our hearts and strive with faith to walk in our actions.  


So, let us give simple thanks on this Thanksgiving for the shared bonds of humanity and encourage one another to be lifted up and inspired by how we're alike. In so doing, we will live Thanksgiving daily and improve ourselves, our families, friends, communities, our nation and world.