State court rejects appeal in girlfriend burning case

December 16, 2011 9:37:00 AM



JACKSON -- The Mississippi Court of Appeals has rejected an appeal from a man sentenced to life in prison for dousing his girlfriend with gasoline and setting her on fire. 


The woman was injured but survived. Campbell was convicted of aggravated assault and sentenced on July 20, 1990. He was sentenced as a habitual offender. Campbell had pleaded guilty in 1974 to assault and battery after shooting a Natchez police officer. Court records said the officer lost an eye and later died as an "indirect result of the injuries." 


Campbell served one year of a five-year sentence. He was later convicted of being a felon in possession of a firearm. 


The appeals court ruled Tuesday that the Supreme Court in 1998 rejected Campbell's motion for post-conviction relief and rejected his new appeal. 


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