Madison County school board goes paperless with computers

January 17, 2012 3:23:00 PM



JACKSON -- The Madison County School District has gone paperless, using computers to keep up with work rather than relying on a notebook filled with key information.  


The Clarion-Ledger reports that last week was the first meeting at which school board members used computers to oversee everything from contracts to a new school calendar.  


Superintendent Ronnie McGehee said it's more efficient and easier on the county office.  


Fat binders used to go to each board member, the superintendent, attorney and other key personnel.  


Copying and collating them used to take hours. Now, board secretary Ellen Aregood says it's all emails and attachments.  


Numerous other districts are already online.  


Jackson Public Schools spokeswoman Peggy Hampton says Jackson is moving toward paperless work but starting with the staff. 


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