Heath Fisackerly : An open letter to the superintendent

February 22, 2012 10:28:00 AM



Dear Dr. Liddell, 


My name is Heath Fisackerly and I am a sophomore at Columbus High School. I am extremely disappointed in the board's decision to terminate the contracts of teachers throughout the district. I was at the board meeting Monday the 12th of February and I couldn't understand a word being said. 


I am not trying to complain; rather I am trying to figure out what the board is doing behind closed doors. There are many students at Columbus High that don't care one single bit about their education, but I am not one of those students.  


I have talked to students throughout the school that were considering AP and IB classes, but are now considering leaving the school because of this selfish decision. 


I know that our nation is in the middle of an economic recession and that budgets are slimming down by the second, but why not maybe make pay cuts throughout the district? 


For example, my trigonometry teacher, Mr. Kendrick Savage, has made math fun for me. Math is one of my weaknesses and because of him, I'm enjoying it! Why take away the joy from these teachers when there are other solutions?  


Mr. Hallmark has made that school a better place and he is rebuilding a school that last year, was as bad as it can get.  


I mean no disrespect to Mr. Shannon and he knows I respect him, but what you all are doing is NOT what is best for the students of Columbus High School. Mr. Hallmark made a commitment to you, as well as the board to be the best he can be for this high school. He moved his family so that he could make our school a better place. Is it not important to feel safe at school? I feel safe with Mr. Hallmark. His rules and regulations that he has put in place are great and they are what is best for the students.  


Do you expect that when someone has their pants around their knees and goes in for a job interview, that they will get the job? ... students are actually starting to accept the rules.  


I know there is a group of parents that have been making accusations against Mr. Hallmark's rules, but if they do not want their children to succeed in life, that is their problem. They can take their students and put them somewhere else where they can act a fool because Mr. Hallmark will NOT tolerate it. I remember something Mr. Shannon said to the school as a whole last year. He said, "There are some people in here that have a huge case of stupid, but it's gonna come to an end ... today!" That quote is something I think about every single day because Mr. Hallmark is bringing all that nonsense to an end.  


I respect you Dr. Liddell, but I do not respect the decisions that you and the board have made. I looked up to Mr. Shannon, but now I don't know who to look up to. I don't want to have to get to know another principal. Mr. Shannon resigned on his own terms, but Mr. Hallmark does not deserve to be pushed out. He is making it a better place to be. I know that you all don't want to start losing students, but to be honest, that is probably what it will come to, especially for me. I will NOT stay at Columbus High if I feel unsafe. 


Just search your hearts because you know this is wrong. Do what is best for the students, please! Also, I would like to speak to the board at the next board meeting. I would appreciate if you would put my name on the agenda for the next meeting so that I may share my views. Thank you for your time Dr. Liddell.  


With much respect,  


Heath Fisackerly