Martin M. Pomphrey Jr. M.D.: Concerned season ticket holder

February 28, 2012 10:41:00 AM



This baseball season at MSU brings a new student entity to campus, The Dudes. Season ticket holders may find a small dog bone on the back of their seat branded with "Dudes." In a recent letter to all concerned, head baseball coach, John Cohen, notified us that all such seat markings indicated that the seats were not being used often enough. Therefore student members of the Dudes could claim any such seat. Of course they are to respectfully vacate the seat if the rightful ticket holder arrives.  


What's going on at MSU? It seems to me that ticket holders' rights and privileges are gradually being eroded and the seats redistributed. When the new stadium was constructed back in the 80s, the original seat purchasers had their name stamped on the seat. We were told that as long as we bought season tickets, they were our seats. Recently all the seats were replaced but the names were not. Now here come the Dudes to warm and trash our seating area. On opening night some Dudes were sitting in a friend's box, accidentally spilled nachos and cheese, then left with no effort to clean up the mess when the rightful seat holders arrived for the game.  


And now previously free game day programs cost a dollar and coffee is up to three dollars. But if you think you are getting a fresh Starbucks, your taste buds are in for an insult, Warm and weak this colored hot water has not improved in size or flavor.  


What is next? Will Polk-Dement become Cohen Stadium? Will Dudy-Noble become Papelbon Field? Where is the respect for those who helped build this fine baseball facility?