Webster County moonshine operation found

March 13, 2012 10:44:16 AM



On Monday, Mississippi Alcoholic Beverage Control agents executed a search warrant at the residence of Parker Roberson, age 76, at 1558 Parker Roberson Road in Maben. 


Agents seized an illicit distillery operation consisting of a stainless steel cooker and two copper condensers. Agents also seized 27 gallons of Moonshine, 247 gallon plastic jugs, and 300 pounds of sugar. The cooker was destroyed on the scene. 


An undercover operative purchased illegal whisky--moonshine--for $40 a gallon from Roberson prior to the arrest. The still was found in an outbuilding on the property. Twenty-seven gallons of moonshine were found concealed by square bales of hay in the hayloft of the barn on the property. 


Roberson was charged with possession of intoxicating beverages in a dry county. He was released to appear in Webster County Justice Court in April. Charges for possession of the illegal distillery are pending.