Lutherans and abortion

June 5, 2009



The recent and unfortunate murder of Dr. George Tiller, an abortionist, who provided late-term abortions in Wichita, Kansas, prompts the writing of this letter. 


Being Lutheran, I felt compelled to explain that there are different Lutheran bodies in the United States. There are real confessional and doctrinal differences between these Lutheran bodies. Dr. Tiller had been a member of one of the congregations of the Lutheran Church Synod (the second largest body of Lutheran congregations in the U.S.) until about 10 years ago when he was excommunicated from his congregation. 


Dr. Tiller then joined Reformation Lutheran Church, a member congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America known as ELCA. ELCA is numerically the largest Lutheran body of congregations in the United States. ELCA does not speak out against abortion as a sin against God and man. The insurance provided for ELCA clergy and church workers pays for abortion. 


I write this letter to make clear that the members and congregation of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Columbus and the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod does not advocate the practice of abortion. Abortion is plain and simply put-the murder of the most innocent of humanity-the unborn. 


We do regret the death of Dr. Tiller. Our prayer is that he repented of his sins before his death and was forgiven by faith in the blood of Jesus Christ. 


Pastor Floyd Smithey