CVB director to participate in National Trust Preservation leadership training

June 10, 2009



James Tsismanakis of the Columbus Convention and Visitors Bureau is among a select group of participants attending an upcoming program designed for community leaders in positions to influence preservation activities in their states, regions, towns and neighborhoods. The week-long program takes place June 20-27 in Deadwood, S.D. In addition to classroom sessions, participants will study issues related to locations in the Deadwood community and develop proposals to outline optimal uses for buildings and contribute to the vitality of that community. 


The application process is selective, Tsismanakis said. To be exact, 30 people are invited to go, and the application pool is three times as large. 


"I''m so excited that I''m now approved to go," he said on Tuesday. "It''s considered one of the premiere leadership training courses in the preservation world." 


He said he was "a perfect match" with the program. "I''ve always had a passion for old homes and preservation," he said, but he had never been given a detailed education in preservation. Plus, Columbus has several things worthy of preservation, such as its antebellum homes and historic downtown area.  


"I hope to come back and just be able to understand preservation better, be able to make better long-term decisions for the Columbus community and better work with all the preservation agencies throughout the state and throughout the country," Tsismanakis said. 


The workshop is sponsored by the National Trust for Historic Preservation in partnership with the City of Deadwood and the South Dakota State Historical Society and others. Preservation Leadership Training emphasizes the most up-to-date, effective preservation techniques, including training in current preservation practices, issues and action strategies. 


Headquartered in Washington, NTHP is a nonprofit membership organization bringing people together to protect, enhance and enjoy places of historical importance. NTHP helps revitalize neighborhoods and communities, spark economic development and promote environmental sustainability. 


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