Shocked by antics of Vicksburg 4

June 11, 2009



Please print this in your paper. A friend of mine sent me an article that was in your paper a few weeks ago. It so shocked me that I must write you. 


Do not these undereducated officers on your town police force realize that when they are in uniform and in town cruisers they not only represent your town but the state as well? 


It seems impossible that they don''t realize how far-flung the repercussions can go. Not only does this disrespect affect the force, but the whole town as well. Industry and people thinking of moving to this area will wonder about the total leadership as well. Think long on this. 


The article I passed on to a friend in Maine who was as shocked as I. How much farther will it go, no one knows. It leads one to wonder about their (police) competency. Will the force get better? Will the people of Columbus have enough courage to do something about it? One wonders. 


R. Oshorne 


Pocasset, Mass.