Letter to the editor: Oh my, Cameron Triplett!

July 31, 2012 11:07:45 AM



Your comment about the Colorado shooting, (The only thing that would have made a big difference is if one or more patrons would have been allowed, by the theater management, to carry legally concealed handguns into the theater.") is absurd beyond belief. 


Guns are a mind-altering drug. They make weak people believe that they have power. How terrifying to imagine a dark theater filled with frightened people shooting at shadows. 


"I believe that the shooter would have fled long before he killed or wounded so many innocent people." Really? Well, I believe that you are too crazy to carry a gun.  


"Those people died because of cowardace." (misspelled) How cruel and inaccurate! There was a great deal of heroism in that theater. What "lily-livered excuse" do you have for throwing salt in their wounds? 


You need a prescription for sedatives and a computer with spell check. I am horrified to know that someone as violent as you is walking our streets, armed with guns and arrogance. 


A. Elliott 


Columbus, MS 




Editor's note: The writer is a regular columnist in this newspaper.