{Nourish} Looking back as 30 comes into view

September 8, 2012 6:34:02 PM



Ryan turns the big 3-0 in a few days, which reminds me that I'll also be saying good-bye to my 20s in a few months. Seven to be exact. I'm not dreading it at all; in fact, I'm pretty excited. I've waited my entire life to be 30. It just seems so grown-up and mature. I fantasized about being a grown-up, complete with marriage, a mortgage and careers, when I was a kid and have enjoyed being a real adult for the past eight years of our matrimonial bliss, even though my mom swears I've been grown since I was 2.  


I've always said (only halfway joking) that I'm going to have everything figured out by the time I'm 30. You know, really have myself and my life together. All of my ducks in a row. 


And so my impending birthday reminds me of the promise I made to myself two years ago to have reached my weight-loss goal by the time that big 3-0 rolls around. And it's not just about a number on the scale. I want to go into my 30s in the best shape of my life and continue my new active, fun, adventurous lifestyle for as long as the ol' bod allows. I want to be one of those fabulous women who is proud of her age because she knows she looks and feels amazing.  


Even if I come in a little shy of my final goal come April, I have to look back in appreciation of how far I've come. Even though I'm not exactly where I want to be (are we ever?), I feel free. From the small things, like wearing a bikini to the beach for the first time since before I was married, to the big stuff, like being able to outrun my dogs (well, one of them) and do full-body pushups. No matter how insignificant that seems to someone who's never struggled with the physical and emotional burden of weight, it is a huge success for me. It's all relative, right?  


I remember the first time I ran a mile without stopping. I didn't think I could do it and when I hit that mile marker, I couldn't contain my emotions. Knowing that a year ago I never would have tried, much less gotten anywhere close, was the point when I knew I'd changed my life forever.  


This "last summer of my 20s" has been full to the brim of adventures and "firsts." I've done so many fun things that I've always wanted to do but was held back by my own insecurities regarding my weight. I've snorkeled with whale sharks as big as a school bus, scuba dived on coral reefs with sea turtles and millions of tropical fish. I parasailed over Cozumel's turquoise coastline, biked 15 miles of rolling hills without ever getting enough, learned how to wakeboard, out-sprinted my runner husband, and loved almost every piece of clothing I tried on at T.J. Maxx and Target. Now, that's an accomplishment!  


If you're on your own weight-loss journey, remember to celebrate every small victory or step in the right direction. There's no accomplishment too modest for a pat on the back for a job well done. Don't wait until you've reached your goal to allow yousrself to feel good about what you're doing. Looking back on how far you've come will get you through the plateaus and struggles. Appreciate the journey while you're on the journey.