Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett

September 10, 2012 9:40:29 AM



What's not to like? 


I don't know very much about this Facebook posting that has caused so much hoopla recently, except for what I have read in the paper. One man resigned for writing "where was the mother" concerning a small child in the street unattended, and three others were suspended for "liking" it. As I understand it, the city of Columbus has no written or SOP policy regarding this type of activity. 


I was always taught that an employee was the public face of the boss or the business, and should comport himself/herself accordingly.  


When I see a business, like a grocery store for instance, with employees wearing baggy pants, waist below the hips, and ankles bunched up on the feet, I wonder if the boss even cares what others think of his business. If it's cool with him, that's his choice. If customers don't like it, they can shop for another grocery. As with the police and fire departments, and the military, you are the public face of your employer 24/7/365. 


Now on to my point for this missive. Everybody has been arguing for or against the four men in question: Was it right or wrong of them to do what they did? I have another question that I have not seen addressed: Just where was this child's mother/guardian? If she was engrossed in a soap opera, busy talking on the phone, entertaining a boyfriend, under the influence of alcohol or another drug or was she just a sorry excuse for a mother? Was she ill, injured, incapacitated in some way? Where was she? 


In other words, it is a legitimate question, and everybody seems to be dodging it like the proverbial third rail. Why? Is she related to some "big-wig" in Columbus? Does her skin color matter to some so they chose to not pursue the question?  


Mainly, where was she? If the original post on this subject was just a simple question of Where was she, then why in the hell did the department heads, half of the town council, and the Mayor find it so vile that it required the extreme measures that followed?  


Remember now, this is where the mayor and a councilman engaged in fisticuffs when they couldn't agree, and nothing happened to them. Are they better than the rest? The city needs the best, most experienced, most qualified people it can get in every position. Let the rules apply equally to all. 


Cameron Triplett