Starkville budget won't increase millage

September 17, 2012 9:40:51 AM



The Starkville Board of Aldermen will hold a public hearing at its meeting Tuesday night to discuss the proposed Fiscal Year 2013 budget, and will likely move to vote on the matter immediately after. 


The city's proposed budget, which does not include a millage increase and has a projected revenue of $16,841,982, was presented at the board's previous meeting earlier in September.  


Starkville's Chief Administrative Officer Lynn Spruill said during the presentation that the proposed budget reflects the fiscal conservative stance of the leaders of Starkville, and in comparison to similar cities in the region, the rate imposed on Starkville residents - 20 - is small. 


Just in the Golden Triangle, the millage rate for Columbus is 37.63 and in West Point its 36.81. Oxford, the closest comparable college town in the state, sees an annual millage rate around 27, but Hattiesburg's 46.92 rate more than double Starkville's mills.  


There will be a $10,000 increase in ad valorem taxes this year, according to Director of Finance Taylor Adams, bringing the total to $3,922,500, approximately 23 percent of the budget.  


Spruill did point out that some of the most significant cuts came in the proposed budget came in Sanitation and Environmental Services, which she said, "we have had to get really creative with." 


In other business, the board will hear an annual report from Starkville's Historic Preservation Commission, and city attorney Chris Latimer will provide a report on the use of city streets and public areas for special events.  


The meeting will being at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.