Being beautiful: Glazes are for more than donuts

September 22, 2012 7:23:55 PM

David Creel -


Let's talk about glaze. No, not the kind you find on that favorite donut when the "hot now" sign is glowing, and not the kind of finger-licking-good glaze on homemade cakes. The glaze I speak of is indeed a topping, but for the hair.  


It's long been a secret of celebrity hairstylists coiffing the tresses of some famed faces you might recognize. I think of a glaze as the topcoat for hair color, whether it's natural, from a box at home, or done by a master colorist. Blondes have more fun, reds don't fade away, and brunettes glisten in every town when the glaze is delicious. 


First, let's define the term. In the past, stylists have referred to glazes as toners or glosses, but the name and the formula have evolved into something scrumptious. Unlike a permanent color, a glaze does not have any peroxide or any potentially damaging ingredients, making it a safe solution for pumping up the shine. It is an in-salon service that requires about ten minutes to apply and twenty minutes to process.  


The beauty in the glaze is that it comes in an array of yummy colors like buttercream, toffee and even vanilla. Plus, if you don't want to commit to a shade other than what God gave you, then there's a crystal clear glaze with your name on it, too. Think of all those beautiful shades of nail polish. Who would dare not sweep on a clear top coat after the color? Well, that's the whole premise of a glaze. 


When painted over a headful of beautiful ombre highlights and lowlights, a glaze seals in that glass-like shine. When combed into a natural shade that seems dull, it adds unparalleled polish. Celebrities and models alike all know that photo shoots, red carpet paparazzi events, or movie set cameras just love when the hair is glazed to perfection. It can generally be done every four weeks and lasts about the same time.  


The guests in my salon rave about the volume and shine noticed with each glaze treatment. It's one of my favorite things for the end of summer as we ease into the glamour of the holidays. Ask about a glaze on your next visit to the salon. If you choose to satisfy your sweet tooth with one of those edible glazes like your grandmother used to make, well, I won't tell as long as you share with me!

Former Columbus resident David Creel owns Beautiful With David salon in Jackson and has 20 years experience in the beauty industry. Contact him at [email protected]