Mayor back at work following surgery

June 25, 2009



Columbus Mayor Robert Smith Monday returned to the office after taking a weeklong medical leave following a June 12 outpatient surgery. 


"I just had my tonsils taken out Friday before last because they were infected," Smith said Wednesday. "It was just an outpatient procedure, and I was released at about 6 p.m. the day I had the surgery." 


After resting for nine days, the mayor returned to City Hall June 22, and is "doing just fine," he said.  


"The doctor just said I needed to rest for about nine or 10 days before I came back to work," Smith said. "But I''m back now and doing just fine. 


"I certainly appreciate the community''s concern with my health and well-being," Smith added. "It means a lot to me, and I would like to thank everyone for their support." 


Vice Mayor and Ward 5 Councilman Jay Jordan served as acting mayor during Smith''s weeklong absence.