West Point continues to build softball program

July 1, 2009

Danny P Smith -


The West Point High School softball program continues to build. 


After taking over as West Point''s fastpitch coach last season, Libby Forrester saw the Lady Green Wave go from two wins to eight in the spring, while the junior varsity won 12 games. 


Although the varsity didn''t achieve a winning season, Forrester sees progress being made. 


Forrester has taken advantage of the high school summer softball league offered by the Starkville Park and Recreation Department, and it was able to get her younger players some experience. 


"They have learned a lot and I''ve got three seventh graders starting," Forrester said,. "They are asking questions every time I turn around. If they stick with it, maybe they''ll turn into good players. 


"For them playing this summer together has been great. It helps create unity." 


West Point doesn''t have a winning tradition in softball and that''s something Forrester wants to change. 


After playing near .500 softball at the Starkville Sportplex this summer, the players have hope. 


"You''ve got to begin somewhere so why not here," West Point pitcher Brook Robinson said. "We''ve won one game out of two (in a day) every time we come down here so I think that is an improvement because we''re usually not winning anything. I think next year, we''re going to win a lot more and surprise more people." 


Robinson believes the summer has brought the team closer together and the chemistry has developed between the seniors, juniors and younger players. 


Forrester says the strengths of the Lady Green Wave should be pitching and defense. 


She admits the hitting still needs work. 


"We''ve still got a long way to go on hitting," Forrester said. "We''ve got a lot of young players and they are just not strong hitters yet. They can get basehits, but they are not real strong." 


West Point centerfielder Elizabeth "Holywood" Robison understands the need for improved hitting. 


The key in her mind is for the team to be united in its work and not be caught having an individual mindset. 


"The attitudes are out of the way and we''ve come together as a family," Robinson said. "We''re all learning to work together."