Burtman sentenced to 13 months

October 31, 2012 9:56:25 AM

Sarah Fowler - [email protected]


A Columbus doctor who was facing a maximum of 35 years in federal prison was sentenced to serve just 13 months on Tuesday.  


Dr. Mark Burtman, appeared in the United States District Court in Oxford where he pleaded guilty to three counts of distributing narcotics.  


Burtman, who was represented by attorney Joe Studdard of Studdard Law Firm, was charged with distributing 60 dosage units of the Schedule III narcotic Lortab/Hydrocodone, 30 dosage units Schedule II narcotic Percocet/ Oxycodone and distributing 90 dosage units of the Schedule IV narcotic Xanax/Alprazolam.  


He pleaded guilty to the three charges on June 28.  


Burtman, who practiced in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, was the subject of an eight-month investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration. His Chubby Drive office was raided in June 2011.  


After the raid, the doctor voluntarily gave up his medical license and DEA number which authorized him to write prescriptions.  


Burtman could have faced a 35-year sentence for the three charges, which included a 10-year maximum sentence for distributing Lortab, not more than 20 years for distributing Percocet and not more than five years for distributing Xanax.  


He also could have received a maximum fine of $1.75 million.  


He voluntarily signed over a home located on 2735 Canterbury Road and agreed to pay $50,000.  


He is ordered to surrender himself by Jan. 7, 2013 to begin serving his 13-month term at a federal prison yet to be determined.

Sarah Fowler covered crime, education and community related events for The Dispatch.