A captive audience

July 1, 2009



What choice do we have? All residents of Columbus have to budget in these trying times. Do we need to drive to West Point, Starkville, Tupelo, or Tuscaloosa to purchase cheaper gas? Let''s do the math, gas is $2.56 a gallon. Depending on the type car we drive, our mileage could be anywhere from 15- to 30-plus miles per gallon. And our cars fuel capacity is 12 to 20 or more gallons per vehicle.  


West Point being the closest and Tupelo/Tuscaloosa the most distant. Round trip would require one gallon to four or five gallons of gas. You say gas prices are dependent on several factors including the customers willingness to pay them. I say, what choice do we have? We''d be foolish to spend $2.50 to $10 driving to these distant places just to save 10 to 20 cents per gallon on gas, not to mention the hours used to drive where ever unless we had appointments or shopping for something that cannot be found in Columbus.  


Lower gas prices would help everyone. Think about it and let''s try to make all happy instead of making a few richer. 


Lovell Haycox