Our view: Boys and Girls Club can be catalyst for profound change

November 13, 2012 10:02:41 AM



It is a sad truth that often the people who most need a thing are those who can least afford to pay for it. 


We were reminded of that unfortunate fact on Monday through a profile story about Nadia Dale, the new director of the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus. 


Since taking over in mid-October, Dale has been working to build up the programs the Boys and Girls Club offers. In addition to providing youth a safe environment for after-school hours, the club helps young people with academics, arts and personal development. 


Unfortunately, the numbers of children who are availing themselves of these critical opportunities have dwindled. There are only 55 kids in the BGC program right now, which represents a mere fraction of the number of children who would benefit greatly from its programs. 


You want to reduce teen pregnancies, crime, drop-out rates? The Boys and Girls Club is a great weapon in that battle. 


Part of the solution, Dale believes, lies in expanding the programs offered and working with other community organizations to share resources and spread the word. She is planning a series of open houses designed to introduce the community to all the club has to offer. 


Dale is in a position where she can profoundly affect the lives of children, but she needs community support. We encourage you to attend one of the open houses, familiarize yourself with this worthy organization and consider contributing in some way. 


To find out more, contact the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus at 662-244-7090 or via email at [email protected]