New fire rating means lower premiums

November 21, 2012 10:13:04 AM



Oktibbeha County residents living in the Oktoc area could see their insurance premiums cut as much as a third, thanks to the District 5 Fire Department, which recently achieved a Class 8 fire protection rating. 


"We have officially received the letter and we now have a Class 8 rating," Oktibbeha County Fire Services Coordinator Kirk Rosenhan said. "Those cases that are going to see insurance rates go down a third, that could be a big chunk of change."  


Previously, the department held a Class 10 rating, and District 5 Chief Terry Skinner said the department has had that Class 10 rating since at least 1995, when Skinner joined the department. 


Skinner said District 5 really started pushing hard for the Class 8 rating at the beginning of this year but the process has been much longer. 


"It was a long hard road to get that done, you have to get landowners with more than 200 acres to sign all this paperwork, and of course there are the legal issues," Skinner said. "It's been a haul. I am just glad to be done with it." 


Skinner said now his attention turns to the west side of his district, from Poor House Road to Williams Road. 


"We'd really like to get that area under the new rating, too," he said.