Marriages and divorces 12-6-12

December 6, 2012 10:02:45 AM







Nov. 24 - Dec. 3 


  • Kenneth Earl Thomas and Bernice Cockrell 


  • Jerry Parks Jr. and Juanita Webb 


  • Shondal Kontal Phinizee and Jessica Dwan Hill 


  • Ryan Casey Sullivan and Jill Suzanne Manion 


  • Christopher Alan Perry and Kelsey Michelle Davis 


  • Torrione Deshoen Jones and Latoya Rene Jones 






    Nov. 14 - 27 


  • Brandon Sims and Teresa Sims 


  • Mitchell Ray Burns and Robyn Vickery Braswell Banks 


  • John Hamilton Bliss and Caitlin Rae Edge Bliss 


  • Hisham Ata Amro and Cassandra LaShae Smith Amro 


  • Perrin Nelson Smith Jr. and Christie Benson Smith 


  • Rodney Greggs and Michelle Greggs 


  • Timothy Pitt and Conchetta Pitt 


  • Frank Temple and Cynthia Temple 


  • Jerry Wayne Byrd and Nancy Michelle Byrd 








    Nov. 26 - Dec. 3 


  • Nathan Chaney and Anna England 


  • Cedric Ferguson and Ann Jones 


  • Patrick Jackson and Cassie Bird 


  • Ed Cortez and Latrice Wicks 


  • Antonio Davis and Chelsie Watt 


  • Antonio Collins and Emily Lee 


  • Joshua Walden and Robin Franks 


  • Stanley Kelly and Latonya Outlaw 


  • George Hubbard and Marlena May 


  • Chad Thomas and Casey McConnell 


  • Joshua Izner and Tine Swindle 


  • David McCluskey and Megan Clark 


  • Joshua Bates and Alicia Krey 


  • Phillip McGuire and Heather Wiggington 






    Nov. 26 - Dec. 3 


  • Joyce Brown and Charles William 


  • Teresa Roberson and Jason Roberson 


  • Bailey Edwards and James Edwards