Voice of the people: Nadia Dale

December 6, 2012 10:21:13 AM



Takes issue with editorial 


Your facts are wrong. I'm not resigning.  


Recently The Dispatch published an editorial expressing concern about my commitment to the Columbus Convention & Visitors Bureau Board. I recognize the importance of constructive criticism, especially in public service. Yet I still feel compelled to provide more information about the facts regarding my attendance and voting at meetings. With the countless questions over the year regarding the CVB, certainly tax payers want to rest assured that board members are at least committed to the organizations they represent- and rightfully so.  


With that, I want to make clear that my attendance and participation as a board member has not been an issue. In fact, of the 25 regular and special called board meetings held during my appointment, I've been absent a total of four times. Over a two year period, I do not feel this can be considered "often."  


In fact, one of these times I was out due to an emergency with an immediate family member. More recently, I missed the October meeting because it was my first day of work at the Boys & Girls Club. This also does not account for the countless special committee meetings (i.e.. executive, finance, etc.) that I've attended.  


In reality, I have not missed more board meetings than most other board members and I don't feel they are under- or over-committed, but rather, simply balancing other obligations in life.  


Also, in terms of the accusation that I'm "often abstaining" at voting time, this is simply not true.  


Minutes from our meetings reflect that of the few times I have abstained, it has largely been regarding the approval of minutes from the four meetings I did not attend.  


As a constituent, I commend the local media for being a great source of accountability for this community and its leaders. It is indeed essential for our growth. However, as a member of this volunteer board, I hope that the level of accountability and thoughtfulness that I'm held to is the same that we can expect from our city's most influential news source.  


I've enjoyed serving this City through the CVB, building relationships on behalf of the board and encouraging others to see all that Columbus has to offer. I appreciate the City for entrusting me with this opportunity and I look forward to continuing to serve.  


Nadia Dale 






Editor's note: While it's true Dale has missed four board meetings since her appointment by the Columbus City Council in March 2011, there's more to the story. She was absent from the board's retreat in July when it approved its 2013 budget and she missed a Nov. 27 meeting of the festival funding committee charged with making decisions on $150,000 worth of grants. In light of her absence, the committee (which scheduled its meeting to accommodate Dale) did not have a quorum. That committee won't meet again until spring of 2013.