July 10, 2009



What is spineless? Spineless could be a little man working at a shrinking newspaper who writes articles about what he thinks happened at a place he was not present. Of what people said that he was not there to hear. About the feelings he felt at a function he did not attend. About the character of a person whom he had never meet. About running for political office which he has neither the guts nor principle to do so. Spineless is someone that sits behind a keyboard and is critical of the people and the town that he has not taken the time to meet, know or learn about. Spineless is also writing an opinion (OUR VIEW) and not putting his name on it. Which was approved by the editor/publisher. Spineless can also be a person who writes only negative articles about a great Southern town that like most others needs the help of there local newspaper. I have always heard that those that come to a town and are critical and negative of it can take the same road out that they came in on. Try Highway 82 west and don''t look back! By the way, I think you can get a heck of a deal on the whole state of "California." Only problem no one knows who owns it! Oh, one more, Spineless is not contacting me in order to know what I think or who I am. It could also be not printing this! I work for the "good people" of Lowndes County not The Dispatch. I only read your paper because of my job! 


Frank Ferguson 




Ferguson is the Dist. 2 supervisor for Lowndes County. 


Birney Imes responds: The writer references an editorial in Wednesday''s Dispatch in which he was criticized. Editorials represent the opinion of the newspaper''s editors and not that of individual writers. Read the original editorial here.