Voice of the people: Gary Holtman

December 18, 2012 10:18:23 AM



Lawmakers and anonymous bloggers 


We are having, as a nation, quite a gridlock in our nation's capitol. The House has submitted several budgets, the Senate has rejected them, but, has not submitted one of their own. Obama wants to keep on spending and borrowing from China. And, now, instead of staying in Washington, he is going to spend a ton of the taxpayer money taking a vacation trip to Hawaii, according to the media. 


All of those mentioned above might want to look way back in history to about the year 1210 A.D. According to the Guineas Book of records, the College of Cardinals took 31 months to elect a new Pope. The Mayor of Viterbo put them on a diet of bread and water and had the roof removed from their conclave. It would appear that the time has come to do something similar to the clowns in D.C. 


While I am taking this time to write, and, of course, sign my name, I have no desire to read unsigned "blogs." If you don't believe in what you have to say, or, you don't have the guts to sign it, don't say it. 


Gary Holtman