Being beautiful: New Year's Eve fashion tips for soirée or sofa

December 29, 2012 8:06:07 PM

David Creel -


One of the most magical New Year's Eves for me was several years ago at a bash in historic downtown Hattiesburg. Just as the sounds of Auld Lang Syne mixed with bursts from whistles and horns, huge white snowflakes whirled through the air outside. It was truly magical since we live in a land where snow is a rare pleasure.  


No matter where you are on New Year's Eve, whether it's sitting by the fireplace waiting for the ball to drop in Times Square or ringing in 2013 at a swanky soirée, you will feel a bit more festive if you follow my end-of-year-instructions. 


You will need at least one of the three "B's": a band, a balcony or a bun. Since most folks don't live in the French Quarter, I might suggest a CD and an open window, but there's no excuse not to have a fabulous bun. Tease all of your hair before gathering it up high atop your head, secure it with a ponytail elastic, wrap the length around the knot to form a bun, and fasten with several bobby pins, perhaps even a diamond or crystal barrette if you have one. 


Ring in the new year by warming up to a brand new scent. Indulge, live lavishly and throw caution to the wind with an eau de parfum that will liven up any party. Layer your new scent beginning with a shower gel followed by a rich body lotion, and then spritz away! I promise that you will be intoxicating when the clock strikes twelve. 


Step outside of the box with glitzy, say-something fingers and toes. Ask your manicurist about designs with Swarovski crystals or other embellishments, or my favorite for special occasions, glitter polish. It will do the trick if the crystals are bolder than you are ready to consider, and a bit of polish remover takes it right off the next morning.  


Make your own fireworks display Dec. 31 with the look of the season: bright red lips. When doing a bold pucker, keep everything else on the face subtle, reapply often, and kiss 2012 goodbye in a memorable shade. 


When reflecting on the past year, focus on the moments that made you sparkle, both on the inside and the outside. For example, the fedora you rocked or that bronzer that kept you glowing are unforgettable fashion moments, but equally memorable are those simple acts of kindness. The day you held your grandmother's hand a bit longer or perhaps the door you opened for a stranger took seconds of your time, but they made you sparkle even more than glitter polish.  


I know exactly what I will be doing on New Year's Eve, and although for a moment the old me might wish it was dancing up a storm in a grand ballroom in NYC with old friends, the new me is happy indeed to be curled up on the sofa with my four dogs -- Naomi, Stella, Lillian and Sophia -- warming our toes by the fire and watching that ball drop on television from our family living room.  


If I'm lucky, my Chris will remember to pick up some Asti Spumante. Now, that doesn't seem too much to ask, does it? Happy New Year!

Former Columbus resident David Creel owns Beautiful With David salon in Jackson and has 20 years experience in the beauty industry. Contact him at [email protected]