Martha Graham: Fracking poem

January 19, 2013 9:09:14 PM



This is a poem about a small town, whose aldermen decided to let them down. 


The aldermen decided to lease town-owned land, so money could be placed in their hands. 


It was told it would be good for the town, and that families and businesses would come around. 


No matter if an accident occurred and things didn't go as planned; money in the hand was to be grand. 


The love of money is the root of all evil the Bible does say, and in this case, sure seems that way. 


Such a wonderful school this town had, but look now as families have moved, so sad. 


If just one mistake is made in this deal, God have mercy on the town that cannot heal/ 


No more special weekend because no one will come around, people will be afraid to come because of what is beneath the ground. 


No more businesses that serve food will be around, because no one will want to come to town. 


Just because you live 30 miles away, you are still very much in harm's way. 


If you send your child or grandchild to this town's school and an accident occurs, just remember what the children do; they eat the food, they drink the water, and they breathe the air. Does this really seem fair? 


Remember the farmer in another state, who lost his cows because of a mistake. 


Remember the mother who cried as she put her son in the tub for a bath. Her heart broke with fear and anger and wrath. 


You see, the frack drilling had contaminated the water; and no one wanted to take the blame and be bothered! 


I ask that all citizens of the town of Caledonia, please get up off your bottoms and attend every town meeting and express your outrage and opposition to the leasing of town-owned land for frack drilling. If necessary impeach or remove from office those that support this rilling. Help those of us outside the town limits to not have to pay the awful price that will occur if there is a drilling mistake this leased land could cause! 


Martha Graham