Sunday at the Bluff gets 'buggy' today with noted entomologist

February 9, 2013 7:29:32 PM



Dr. Richard L. Brown, director of the Mississippi Entomological Museum at Mississippi State University, is the featured Sunday at the Bluff speaker today at 2 p.m. at the Plymouth Bluff Center located at 2200 Old West Point Road. 


"Darwin and Beyond: Evolution by Fire and Water" is the title of Brown's talk, which is free and open to the public. 


Brown became interested in insects as a youth in Arkansas and has studied them (especially moths) for the past 54 years. He received his doctoral degree in moth systematics from Cornell University and has served as director of the Mississippi Entomological Museum since 1980.  


He has been involved in several expeditions to remote regions of the world, including Mountains of the Mist in Venezuela, Fiji, New Caledonia, Thailand and other locations. His research has concentrated on taxonomy and systematics of two groups of microlepidoptera (tortricid and gelechiid moths). For several years, he has been investigating the role of abiotic selection factors (i.e. those not related to Darwin's concept of competition as a driving force) in the evolution of these moths. 


This will be the first in a week-long series of programs and events at various Golden Triangle locations commemorating the birthdate of Charles Darwin (Feb. 12, 1809). A list of these events will be available at Sunday's program.  


Other Darwin Week events are being sponsored by the Departments of Biology, Geosciences, Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquaculture, the Dunn-Seller Museum of Geology, Cobb Institute of Archaeology, and Museum of Entomology at MSU.