Public officials to share their favorite childhood books at Table Talk

March 30, 2013 4:21:29 PM



Friends of the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library will host April's first Table Talk this Wednesday, April 3. Find out how some of our local political office holders will finish this sentence: "My favorite childhood book is ... " 


Charlie Box, Leroy Brooks, Lisa Younger Neese, Harry Sanders and Robert Smith will share the titles of books that hold a special place in their hearts and explain why. Each agreed without hesitation to be part of what promises to be a warm-hearted and delightful presentation. 


Friends of the Library board member Deborah Johnson tells us, "We'll be exploring different facets of children's literature all through the month of April as we delve deeply into our overarching theme, "Let's Live in the Books of My Childhood," which is a poem included in Catherine Pierce's wonderful new collection, 'The Girls of Peculiar.'" Pierce will be Table Talk's presenter Wednesday, April 10, speaking with us of poetry and reading from her book. April is also National Poetry Month.  


"Now, though," Johnson continues, "we'd like to invite you to come and hear Charlie, Leroy, Lisa, Harry and Robert talk about something that meant a great deal to each of them and explore how a love of books and reading is something that they all share in common."  


Table Talk: A Casual Visit With Books meets every Wednesday during the months of February, April, June and September. Bring lunch at 11:30 a.m. to hobnob. Iced tea is always served. The program will begin at noon and will last one hour.  


Table Talk is held in the second floor meeting room of the Columbus Public Library, 314 Seventh St. N. Everyone is invited. There is no charge.