July 29, 2009 4:49:00 PM



I want to shine some light on the workers that most of us take for granted. You know, the policemen, the postal workers, the security guards, doctors, nurses; we all see these people daily and admire them and their profession. They provide protection, care for the ill, deliver babies and bring our mail. We really love these services. 


I want you to think about the ladies and gentlemen who bag the groceries, the ones who pick up the trash on trash day. The janitors who clean the floors, the waitress who comes out and says over and over again "Are you all right? Do you need more drink?" In my opinion, they are overlooked and under-appreciated. I have picked up trash, mowed grass, construction work, bagged groceries and many other things. I didn''t name all the different jobs out there, but trust me, I see you out there. Keep up the great work. 


Andre Roberts, Columbus