Dogfight investigation yields cash, weapons

April 11, 2013 10:14:40 AM



ASHLAND -- More than $100,000 and dozens of weapons have been recovered in the investigation after a March 30 raid on a dogfighting ring. 


Twenty dogs were rescued and 54 people were arrested in a raid that came after a months-long investigation. The individuals have each been released on $20,000 bond. 


Benton County Sheriff A.A. "Arnie" McMullen tells the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal that authorities have been searching nearly 80 vehicles that were left behind when people fled on foot from the dogfight. He says $10,000 was found in a hidden compartment of one vehicle. 


He says some vehicles will likely be forfeited if their owners were involved in the dogfight. He says officers will interview owners who come to pick up impounded vehicles.