Voice of the people: Kenneth McFarland

April 16, 2013 10:16:31 AM



Setting the record straight 


I would like to set the record straight on my no-show at Thursday's League of Voters forum at the Columbus Municipal Complex as highlighted in the Roses and Thorns column.  


First I would like to apologize to the voters for not attending the public forum on Thursday. The reason I was not in attendance is I was at my church, Sweet Pilgrim MBC, for our Spring Revival on the date in question and unavailable.  


In hindsight I realize that I should have had a representative at the forum to read a statement from me explaining my absence to the Ward 5 voters. I hope that the voters will accept my explanation and apologies. In no way do I take for granted the respect or support of the voters of Columbus. 


The Spring Revival was very successful, and as the pastor, the responsibility for this annual event is mine. In no way was my absence from the forum a lack of concern on my part. I take my church and the city's well-being as my highest priorities. I hope to have many opportunities to talk with voters about our city and I would like to thank all of you for your prayers. 


Kenneth McFarland