Voice of the people: Melony Beard

April 18, 2013 10:47:44 AM



School uniforms 


I am deeply disturbed that our LCSD superintendent and a few of our school board members have decided to go against the wishes of a majority of the parents in the LCSD. Our desires to not have uniforms in our schools were overwhelmingly a "no thanks" by a survey given out several weeks ago. The "yes" and "no" responses were not even close in number. Mr. Lynn Wright, the superintendent and three of our school board members decided that they would pass the uniform policy anyway, despite having the knowledge of what the parents who voted them into office had expressed they wanted. If you are a parent in one of the LCSD schools and are interested in signing a petition against mandatory uniforms. Please contact by email [email protected] Please include what school your children attend. No need to give the children's names.  


Melony Beard