Voice of the people: Paul J Ackerman

May 6, 2013 9:39:38 AM



Christians only? 


Unfortunately, I was out of town last Thursday for the National Day of Prayer observance held at noon at the Lowndes County Courthouse and thus was unable to attend as I have done in prior years. 


However, I was quite disappointed when I happened to read the flier today (5/5/2013) and noted the headline at the top which stated: "Christian Community Observance." 


Why did the "Friendly City" thereby tell our Jewish neighbors that they were not welcome? 


Could not that restrictive headline be changed for next year to read simply "Columbus Community Observance" of a National Day of Prayer? 


Yes, "Pray for America" Our country needs the prayers of all of the citizens of Columbus. 


Paul J Ackerman