Horror flick

August 6, 2009 11:05:00 AM



Thanks again for your fair and balanced paper. I really enjoy it. I feel that the left-leaning columnists are balanced by the Web site e-mails and letters to the editor. Also, the mini news articles on the national and world scenes make for an excellent paper. 


Re: Thursday, July 30, 2009 "Pregnant women front of line for swine flu vaccine" 


My response: Oh, how fast the people forget. As we remember, the new man in the White House  


1. Will not even allow and alleged certified copy of his birth certificate to be released. 


2. Stated in California during the election that "Blue-collar men were in a love affair with God and guns." 


3. Written in books and stated on TV news that he was born in Indonesia, then Nigeria, then Kansas, now Hawaii. How can it be possible to be born in four different places? 


How does all of this tie in with swine flu vaccinations? In the article by the Associated Press, we find that they will be issued first to 1.Pregnant women 2. children 5 and older 3. 19-24 year olds (these are our future soldiers).  


Long ago, Thomas Jefferson said "If you have a government that does not trust you with guns, that is a government you cannot trust." 


Summary: Question I am posing here is: Can we trust a man 1. of unknown origin 2. is against the right to keep a gun in your home 3. has a plan to give a so-called swine flu shot to every healthy person in America (24 and below unless you are pregnant.) God help us all. This complete plan reads like a science-fiction horror flick. 


Clark Williams, West Point