Ward 5 concerns

August 6, 2009 11:05:00 AM



It has probably been puzzling to most people why there is a backlog of work in our city. For instance, why is it taking so long to fill pot holes in our streets? To name a few, 15th Avenue North, Eighth Street North and Eighth Avenue North.  


Another for instance, the mayor and city council unanimously approved, with no reservations, reworking a speed bump on Highland Circle six months ago. The chief of public works said it would require about one day to do the job and that it''s at the top of his list. We''re still waiting for this to be done.  


Well, after talking with our new Ward 5 councilman for about five minutes, we concluded that the main reason for this problem is the ''closing down'' of our city on Fridays and that it just doesn''t make good sense to continue doing this. Basic math tells you that you can get more production in five days than you can in four. And speaking of math, let''s do some addition. Fifty-two Fridays plus eight paid holidays equals two months. That means our city is ''closed for business'' two additional months each year. 


I am impressed so far with our new Ward 5 councilman and I think he has a genuine concern for our city, especially Ward 5. He is working hard already to get some things done to help get us caught up.  


So I ask the mayor and councilmen from all the other wards to join in with Kabir and make this change for us -- back to a five-day work week. 


Hopefully then, we can get our speed bump fixed on Highland Circle and our residential areas pruned as pretty as Main Street. 


Raymond Gross, Columbus