Voice of the people: Raymond Gross

May 20, 2013 10:33:57 AM



Door-to-door campaigning 


Around 9 o'clock Saturday morning, I was one of three supporters who began a campaign effort in North Haven Woods for Glenn Lautzenhiser who is running for mayor of Columbus. There was a thick layer of low slow moving clouds with a relative humidity so high it made breathing almost a major effort. Thankfully, the rain had stopped a few hours earlier so we took a slow deep breath and pressed on with our mission.  


About two hours later we had walked every street of North Haven Woods and shared our literature at each and every house. I'm happy to say that most everyone we contacted gave us a friendly welcome, and we came away with a very positive feeling about the upcoming election on 4 June.  


Sad to say though that one household didn't beat around the bush about their anti-white feelings by saying to one of us that they didn't want any white folks around their place and to get off their property. Well, my friend really impressed me by simply saying, OK, have a good day and departed. Later he said he chose to forgive and pray for them rather than be angered by what they said.  


I'm proud to serve alongside one with such maturity. I will gladly go campaigning with him this week to other areas of our friendly city .  


Please remember to vote on 4 June and put an X by the name, Glenn Lautzenhiser, for mayor. Thank you very much. 


Raymond Gross