Body of second boy recovered

May 21, 2013 5:35:31 PM



The body of 9-year-old Justin Brown had been recovered. Brown's body was located in the area of the Luxapalila Creek Park. Law enforcement and family members were on the scene Tuesday evening shortly after the body was found. 


Search and Rescue workers with Columbus Fire and Rescue had been searching for Justin Brown since Saturday when an ATV he was a passenger on with his younger brother Jacob flipped and the two were swept away by the rushing current of the Luxapalila.  


The ATV was driven by the boys' father, Billy Brown.  


The body of six-year-old Jacob Brown was pulled from the river on Sunday. 


According to law enforcement, Billy Brown, along with five additional passengers, was attempting to drive a Polaris ATV across a spillway where Magby Creek joins Luxapalila Creek. According to witnesses the swift current flipped the ATV, sending all six passengers into the water. Brown was the only adult on the off-road vehicle. Witnesses said people on shore rushed to grab the children out of the water but could not reach Justin or Jacob.  


This story is developing.