Selden Lambert: A blip a the polls

June 8, 2013 9:44:32 PM



Tuesday afternoon I went to the polls at Union Academy to cast my vote. I expected to be in and out in about six minutes as usual as the crowd was light. Alas, though I've been a registered voter for many years, my name was not on their list. I showed them my driver's license. I spelled my name about six times. Finally the lady conferred with someone at another table who took my license and called someone. More questions: My name, which I spelled three more times, date of birth, address, phone number, PO Box. Aha! The P.O. Box number was different. That must be the reason, she said. No, I said. It was changed years ago, and I've voted several times since then. I've been at this address 12 years. Did I have my voter registration card? No, I no longer carry it or my passport for security reasons. If they were lost I could suffer identity theft. 


Two ladies near me were also having problems. They had been to Hunt High School and were sent back to Union Academy. One of the ladies in charge said maybe I should vote at Hunt High. No, I said, I've always voted here. I could envision being sent to Hunt and told to go back to Union. 


Finally it was decided I would have to fill out an affidavit. I imagined having to go to the courthouse, fill out papers and maybe still being able to cast my vote. Instead, I was taken to a table in the back of the room and instructed what to fill out. I was finally able to vote. My vote and affidavit were folded, sealed in an envelope and tossed into a bag at the first table. 


I want to know why my name disappeared from the book and who is responsible. 


Why were some people sent to Hunt High and other to Union Academy? How would a voter know where to go? Was this information in the news? 


I want someone in the proper official capacity to assure me that my vote made it to the ballot box and that my name is back on the roll of registered voters. 


Finally, the next time I go to the polls I may take a reporter with me . 


Selden S. Lambert