Voice of the people: M. A. Whitehead

June 19, 2013 10:24:06 AM



Program for homeowners 


There is a seldom talked about program available to anyone who lives in the Tennessee Valley Authority area, which includes the city of Columbus. You can have an energy evaluation done of your home, and reimbursement for improvements made on your house up to $500. 


In other words, if you need attic insulation, and you get it done by their approved contractors who charge you, for instance, $1,000 for the insulation job, you would be given $500 of it back via the program. 


The Columbus Light and Water Dept. used to be involved with this program, which would get you another 25-percent reimbursement, but those days appear to be over. But you can still get the 50-percent refund on approved work up to $500 via the company Energyright Solutions. 


To get scheduled for your home inspection, which you must do before work is done, call 866-441-1430. 


I participated in this program, and my last electric bill was only $128 for a 1,350 square foot house. The electrical part of my bill was only $68. 


It works. Give them a call.  


M. A. Whitehead