Time for more progressive leadership

August 14, 2009 12:01:00 PM



Having read the story about the Columbus Country Club offering the nine holes on Military Road for the soccer complex, I have these thoughts. I applaud their offer and I hope the finances can be worked out because this is the best location for all and like the others, is much more desirable than Burns Bottom. I have reviewed the park Internet sites for both Tupelo and Starkville and Tupelo has 15 fields and Starkville has seven fields.  


The interesting part of this is that Lowndes County, based on the 2000 census, has a population of 61,000+, while Lee county has 75,000+ and Oktibbeha county has 42,000+. So, we are not even proposing a complex with enough fields to service the population in comparison to Lee and Oktibbeha counties.  


Burns Bottom is low and subject to flooding and there is not sufficient room to expand. I am sure the owners are wanting to sell as there is little else they can do with the property and they see this an opportunity to unload the property on the local government which happens to be us, the voters.  


Finally, while I have supported (Harry) Sanders in the past, I find his position here to be similar to that of those in Washington D.C., to ignore the opinions of their constituents and failure to make the best decision.  


It is apparently time to vote in more progressive leaders.  




Roger Clevenger