Golf course could be put to better use

August 15, 2009 7:38:00 PM



Re: A New Possibility for Soccer Complex: Columbus Country Club Golf Course (Our Opinion, Aug. 13) 


The article was well written and thought provoking. 


Yes, it would be an excellent place to place a Sportsplex (Soccer complex), but we need to think a little further. 


To take this valuable piece of land off the tax rolls would be a mistake. This piece of land is large enough for a very nice curb-and-gutter subdivision, creating revenue for city and county. 


There are not many, if any, places in Columbus that can be developed into subdivisions. We need to use this land to the best advantage--maybe even have a committee to look at "best use" of this land.  


I''m sure there are developers who would love to have this property to develop. 


This could be a win-win situation for everyone if developed properly. 


Jerry Kendall